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LambdaRoguelike  v.1.0

LambdaRoguelike is yet another Rogue-like game, written in Haskell. The game uses NCurses for it's UI. Features are: Field of Vision, Random Dungeon Generation, Combat, Monsters (with different AI), userfriendly interface, A help system and more...

Zorglux  v.1.0

Zorglux is a multiplayer Help system for Role Playing Game.Zorglux is based on Smartfox server for server part and flash for client (GUI) part.

Dirt-client  v.1.0

Dirt is a mud/muck/mush/moo/telnet client for linux with plugins for perl and python scripting. It is text-based and features: color, scrollback, history, autocomplete, alias, trigger (even on ansi), zchat/mudmaster chat, mudftp, MCCP, and a help system.

DecoStage  v.1.0

DecoStage is a free, open source, Cocoa-based software for modelling SCUBA-diving decompresion profiles via the VPM and VPM-B algorithms. It includes a gas blending panel for trimix and nitrox, as well as a very extensive and broad help system.

VistaTools Project  v.1.0

This set of tools will help system administrators make use of clustered systems.

Calcurse  v.1.0

Calcurse is a text-based organizer which helps keeping track ofevents and everyday tasks. It contains a calendar, a 'todo' list, andputs your appointments in order. It has a configurable interface, and an online help system.

OpenHelpSystem  v.1.0

OpenHelpSystem aims at building a open and cross-platform help-system with an easy and simple and configureable interface. The application is ment to hold documentation for another application and be bundled with it. It is planned to be used in FriFinans

Track Light  v.1.0

Trac Light created for help system administrators communicate. Some IT-departments have a distributed locationa and too many call for help and settings sync.

Delphi7Help4BDS  v.1.0

With the "new" Delphi IDEs also came a new help system which many think is worse than the one from Delphi 7. This IDE plugin lets you call the Delphi 7 help from within the new IDEs. It also lets you specify other resources that you want to ...

BZ Backup  v.1.4

The project is focused to help system admins to setup easily a reliable backup.

SSuite Office - QT Calc Express  v.2.2.0

QT Calc Express is a very useful and small spreadsheet application for everyday use at home or for students and scholars needing something small, fast, and easy to use. A fully-integrated help system makes entering complex formulas a breeze.

Eclipse help topics  v.60

Read and search java sdk and other documentation from eclipse help

PowerShell Help Reader  v.1.0

The Easy Way to use the Windows PowerShelld-OC?

Training Borland Delphi 8 [Video Lessons]  v.1

training disk suggests you to get acquainted with the newest versions of one of the means of working out of programs most popular in the world - package Borland Delphi 8. The course will help you easily and quickly to master the integrated environmen

AIOCP (All In One Control Panel)  v.1.4.001

AIOCP (All In One Control Panel) is a free Open Source Content Management System (CMS), a professional platform-independent all-inclusive solution to completely manage a website or portal through a user friendly web-interface (WMS - Website

Web site down  v.2.0

This program stays minimized to system tray and tells you if your web site/web host is online or offline by changing its system tray icon color.

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